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Hello everyone!!

If you read, see, hear this text, then you understand that the creation of sites is a necessary point of business development, because today about 83% of users are looking for information about goods and services on the Internet.

And even more users are buying the same goods on the Internet. Let's talk about which site is right for you!

Do you have a crazy idea to create your own online store?

Excellent, because our experts specialize exactly on them! Maximum quality, original, unique and turn-key! Everything is for you! Or maybe you are so famous person that you do not really need an online store?

Good! We will make for you a wonderful website-business card, with a nice design, where we will tell you about the full beauty! You know, our range of services is so extensive that as long as I wrote this text, I forgot half already, but let's try to remember at least some of them:

Our Services

Website development
  • Development of online stores
  • Catalog site development
  • Development of corporate sites
  • Development landing page
  • Development of business cards sites
от 10 000 руб
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Technical support
  • Update information
  • Treatment of viruses and vulnerabilities
  • Site acceleration
  • Filling content
  • Promotion of your site
от 10 000 руб
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Redesign and refinement
  • Finalization of the functional
  • Landing the finished design on the CMS
  • Writing Widgets
  • Mobile version development
  • Redesign your old site
от 10 000 руб
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  • Gives a description of the product
  • Increases sales
  • Increases the number of customers
Site directory
  • Provides product descriptions
  • Introduces each product
  • Increases the number of customers
Corporate website
  • Informs about activities
  • Present your services
  • Organizes customer relations
Online store
  • Gives a description of the product
  • Increases sales
  • Convenience of sales

Our advantages

Of course, you ask why Core</Br>? It's simple! Let's look at several reasons to work ONLY with us! First of all, the most important thing is that our team works with young professionals, who have fresh look and modern skills in the field of creating websites will not allow you to get a poor-quality final product. The maximum comfortable conditions for each person in our team who creates independently, for maximum productivity during working hours. Although we are a universal room that deals with a wide range of services in the IT market, we have highly specialized specialists in all areas we offer. A convenient work schedule, we try every client and work on the weekend! A wonderful and competitive pricing policy, our price list is very, very pleasant! And, of course, we provide comprehensive management of your site: from development, creation to support after creation! Still don't want to cooperate with us? I suggest you contact us, and know all in detail!
We select the optimal development technologies, help in solving your problems.
We do not undertake a job that we can not do.
Speed ​​of work
Rational distribution of tasks helps us in the shortest time to implement projects.
Here you can order a project of any complexity.
We agree in advance with you the terms of the work and the price, and also we will select for our clients a unique design!
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